Unlawful Attack to Sovereign Country.

Early this month Nato had training done in Poland which is sniff away from country that’s being invaded by hostile eastern neighbor. Here’s what Nato Allied Aerial Command crew said about the training: “Armée de l’Air et de l’Espace providing 4 Rafales and 2 air-to-air refuelling aircraft under NATO’s enhanced Vigilance Activities over Poland 🇵🇱 to maintain security of Allied air space following the Russia invasion of Ukraine. Details: Nato’s Joint Training Event” That’s nice, but still too far from the place where help for Ukrainian People is currently needed.. 🙁 Those few dozen MIG’s offered by Poland’s good hearted suits in charge never gonna arrive cause Joe (Hey Joe, Where you going with the gund in your hand..) Biden withdrew his Greenlight statement for Jets decision 🙁 Don’t forget: Remember these precious words from wise man 🧐 Good of course that US promised another $200m military aid.

Remember that Putin claimsUkraine cannot become a NATO member because then NATO would be on the Russian border.‘ But if Ukraine becomes part of Russia, NATO is still on the Russian border… see map. It’s a nonsensical argument. <– Then Nato would be even closer.. Hopefully all who hold this Nato reasoning high on podium drop it for good. Russia created the Donbass Russian area long time ago as plan to years later make this Spineless Invasion against peace loving Ukraine. They’re just using excuses when naming this War with other ways. Dictator Putin’s Nr.1 Minion Sergey ‘Greyhound‘ Lavrov clearly has broken braincells as he said that Russia isn’t at War with Ukraine & they haven’t made attack to Sovereign Country that’s Ukraine 🙃 🤥

The Invader from the East is killing Civs & offering Evacuation corridors to Russia & Belarus. Invader Russia is also firing those evacuation routes 🙁 Once Ukrainian citizens have reached Russia & Belarus, they’ll send them to ‘Indoctrination Camps‘ where they are turned into following Dictator Putin’s mind state.. 🙁 Greyhound’ Lavrov didn’t realise how DUMB he made himself & Russia Military to look earlier today.. He SAID that Russia Hasn’t made an Attack / War on Ukraine soil. Yes, Deranged Dictator Putin still calls his Invasion of Sovereign Country as “Peacekeeping Mission” 🤬 That’s 110% BS Lie & he knows it or some part of his lil brain 🤮 I don’t understand how it’s still possible to see Russia being part of United Nations Human Rights Council 😦 Олександра Фоя wrote: “Expectation: We are a powerful military organization, we’ll fight for peace! Reality: The Army of Ukraine is Fighting for Peace.” 😬 Slava Ukraini: Invaders convoy gets what they deserve Slava Ukraini: Invader’s Choppa go Boom

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz on Thursday said that he rejects a fast-track procedure for Ukraine’s membership in the European Union. Guess that means same for Moldova, the country that applied it at early this month or was it late Feb. Then it’s Russia’s target for invasion within next five years. If & when that happens, i bet that Nato still stays behind innocent civ deaths without giving strong AA weaponry or Fighter Jets for Defending country. At this moment Ukraine needs those strong mobile AA’s like SAM & other with better range & speed. This way gutless Invaders from east & north can’t keep bombing civs & armed defenders. Yes Lukashenko is also part of invasion force even some BelaRussian troops said no to fighting against their Ukrainian brothers & sisters. Many of those BelaRussian troops have joined to help Ukraine & some are helping Invaders. Usa, Uk & other strong countries that could end this Spineless Invasion, remember: This important agreement seems to have lost now when it shouldn’t be. 🙁

Nato stop standing on background & do your first Military act since in -90’s. Yes i’m one of the millions who is totally aware of potential nuke threat from spineless army leaders who ordered attack on late February into peaceful country. if direct assist would come from this source. Thanks to many countries who are helping with sending armaments to Ukraine Army & all Voluntary Fighters. This page is for everyone who supports Peace Loving Defenders to succeed: Helping Defenders via two ways. Small move, big Meaning ❤ I’m certain that not being only one who wants the current sanctions set to Russia to stay at least two years after Ukraine Invasion ends & no matter the outcome. Of course hope that Ukraine survives with their terms, rises up from ashes and gets their independent democratic future 🤞 Good to know that all my contacts in Ukraine are still safe. If you want to see images & their caption better then click does it. Beautiful song below is about Brave Ukrainian Resistance assembling Troops to repel the Spineless Invaders. ⚔️ #UkraineInvasion #UnlawfulAttack #HelpUkraineNow #StopRussiaNOW #StopAdolfPutler #SAMSForUkraine #RussiaOutOfUNCouncil #UnitedNations #HelpViaUnicef #ITrustUnicefMoreThanRedCross #MonthlyUnicefSubberForTwoYears

Blind and Cowards. #WalkOfShame

The Surveillance footage above show Ahmadi carrying containers from a white Sedan vehicle into the residential compound.

They were filled with water for the family. Family’s daughter age of 2y was one of many child victims caused by that cowardly strike. After hundreds of “mistakes “ while using the best tech available today, most adv. war machine, best intelligence, sats & drones.. Question surfaces: Are they really mistakes or just plain incompetence on many levels? Mind & heart crushing to know that these mistake killings keep happening & at the end no one or not enough people end up in court for what they’ve done. Usa’s half blind government did give some money to Afghan gov. after this, but doubt that it would be used properly & the family’s survivor(s) to get any dime. Blasting innocents to dust in Afghanistan from the safety of an air-conditioned flight control center in Nevada. That’s pretty far end of immoral & cowardly & esp. on cases like this where intel was in the woods & children died. Yes there’s no certainty that those children would’ve grown up to be suicide bombers.

Also not certain if all male victims end up being evil numb-brain taleban who control women with cruel hold. Around 20,000 bombs in past two decades have been dropped on that poor drenched country. Countless dead Afghans a poor wretched nation left even poorer & even more suffered state & now this :/ Well at least for the first time US Gov. acknowledged their mistake & made public briefing. American Nation building at its finest among few other known ways. The Great ‘Land of the Free’ Empire, “Conquering” the World & failing abroad & at home.. Who provided the “intelligence” used? Was it the Taliban (described by Biden’s admin. officials) & if so then it could be that this was success after all. That is if those stone aged ideology followers who are heavily indoctrinated towards their own sky dad beliefs, political movement & military organization believed victims to be people who helped foreign troops for years. Stone age weirdos launched the hunt of those people right after they arrived to take back Kabul once US & other Foreign Troops were leaving.

´If i would be in leading state of U.Kingdom, Germany or any Scandinavian country, i would’ve told troops to stay at airfield month after Papa Biden’s troops left the country.´

Usa & European countries did very bad move by leaving thousands of innocent women, children & men into the hands of those cruel savages. Didn’t take long for them to revert the policies used by gov. in Kabul & elsewhere on the country as now women can’t work there as they did for years. It’s unbelievably tricky work to put pieces together when try think of one thing. What did Usa & some other countries achieve with twenty-years of so called ‘gov. restructuring’ & country rebuilding when it ended to with savages coming back with no resistance & country heading back to primitive times :/ Feel sorry for all children who are forced to grow up in such hostile indoctrinated environment & women who are stripped from their basic rights as human being.

Hope that some biggest European countries would stop acting as Usa’s lapdogs & following their moves like loyal Minion. It’s been going for too long now & gotta stop.