Journey into Looking for Serenity.

Greetings, I’m Fedaygin, born not far from Arrakeen city in beautiful Arrakis. My profs. are furniture restorer & studying life in thing called rl. I’m friend of dogs (had good german shepherd buddy), fan of soccer, pc & soon ps5 gaming. I’m interested in space, life, well made movies & telly series. I’m Fan of Rpg, Rts & Mmo Genre on gaming field. Play only few selected Mmo’s cause sad trend in these days is to simplify them for Lazy Gamers :/ Dived into Computer Gaming with white C-64 in early 90’s. Later came Golden Amiga 500 & 600 Gaming. Pc “IBM & Compaq” came around -95, but actual dive into Pc World happened in year 6004 (2004 still for too many). Still kept Amiga in the circle for a long time & in recent years using emulator to play em. Some fav Amiga games: Cannon Fodder, Civilization, Skidmarks & Flashback Amiga’s OS called Workbench was amazing already at those days. Hope that Amiga 600 would get retro comeback like uglier ver. from C-64 models arrived.

It has features like: 64 preinstalled games, able to save to usb flash drive & more. Wish we would’ve got the one that i had for for many years & that’s not ugly. Started my Mmo career in mid 6004. I Hope that people Recycle properly, keep asking Shops & Companies to Replace Plastic Wraps & Containers with Bio Friendly products. Also to use Fabric Groceries Bag 🙂 Go Digital & Save Lives Human race is same Biology & hopefully Religions Free some day 🙂 We gotta get Rid of Hunger for Black Gold & Reach into the Stars ❤ Stratovarius band close to heart since -96 & support them with buying merch from trusted stores. For many years now have bought albums digitally to help nature & sentient beings. When Gaming Remember that it’s meant for Relaxing 🙂

Kindly: Fedaygin

Fedaygin wishes good path ahead to all Earthlings & Aliens. Remember to Treat Others as You Want to be Treated.
Stay Humble, Be Kind & Eyes Open.

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