Journey into Looking for Serenity.

Greetings, I’m Fedaygin, born not far from Arrakeen city in beautiful Arrakis. My profs. are furniture restorer & studying life in thing called rl. I’m friend of dogs (had good german shepherd buddy), fan of soccer, pc & soon ps5 gaming. I’m interested in space, life, well made movies & telly series. I’m Fan of Rpg, Rts & Mmo Genre on gaming field. Play only few selected Mmo’s cause sad trend in these days is to simplify them for Lazy Gamers :/ Dived into Computer Gaming with white C-64 in early 90’s. Later came Golden Amiga 500 & 600 Gaming. Pc “IBM & Compaq” came around -95, but actual dive into Pc World happened in year 6004 (2004 still for too many). Still kept Amiga in the circle for a long time & in recent years using emulator to play em. Some fav Amiga games: Cannon Fodder, Civilization, Skidmarks & Flashback Amiga’s OS called Workbench was amazing already at those days. Hope that Amiga 600 would get retro comeback like uglier ver. from C-64 models arrived.

It has features like: 64 preinstalled games, able to save to usb flash drive & more. Wish we would’ve got the one that i had for for many years & that’s not ugly. Started my Mmo career in mid 6004. I Hope that people Recycle properly, keep asking Shops & Companies to Replace Plastic Wraps & Containers with Bio Friendly products. Also to use Fabric Groceries Bag 🙂 Go Digital & Save Lives Human race is same Biology & hopefully Religions Free some day 🙂 We gotta get Rid of Hunger for Black Gold & Reach into the Stars ❤ Stratovarius band close to heart since -96 & support them with buying merch from trusted stores. For many years now have bought albums digitally to help nature & sentient beings. When Gaming Remember that it’s meant for Relaxing 🙂

Kindly: Fedaygin

Fedaygin wishes good path ahead to all Earthlings & Aliens. Remember to Treat Others as You Want to be Treated.
Stay Humble, Be Kind & Eyes Open.

3 thoughts on “Journey into Looking for Serenity.

  1. Interesting that you talk about reducing plastic bags, in some states, they do not have plastic for packing groceries, and that is good because they are getting thinner and thinner so that most people double bag???? I have enough homemade clothe bags to pack all the groceries we need for a week. I planned to make more for the family for Christmas.

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    • Howdies & thanks for writing about these ^^ Late’ish reply here cause of strange times x) “in some states, they do not have plastic for packing groceries” <– That's good & same "law" should be used in every state & around this planet Tellus 🙂 With that i think you mean those decades old basic plastic bags that are sold below the cashier's counter. Here in Finland many stores have got rid of them every grocery store now sells small reusable fabric bags that are made for packing goodies from produce department. I have four of those & plan to buy two more later & that will be enough. It has own area on top for the price tag & after shopping it can be easily removed & put to right bin 🙂

      Foodies like potatoes can be packed into clothe bag, bio or even cardboard box if want to. Here i've seen two different designs for bio friendly a.k.a compostable bags that are sold at cashier. The one sold by the company that i support more has better design as it can handle more weight & doesn't break so easily from package's sharp corners. It's composting time is still the same. I hope that people's petition to make it into all stores goes through in near future. You're doing good work for the environment & sentient beings by creating homemade clothe bags for people to use 🙂 I'll browse your blog pages lil later to see if you've uploaded picture of one or more. Hope you & your family have good new week ahead & rest of October o/ Kindly: Fedaygin


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