Live Act Remake of ‘The Little Mermaid’. “If done with old mind state, it would be good .”

About origins of The Little Mermaid story.

It was screated by late talented H.C. Andersen & is completely his creation, though influenced by De la Motte Fouqué‘s “Undine” ^^ ‘The Little Mermaid‘ tells the story of a teenage mermaid princess named Ariel, who dreams of becoming human & falls in love with a humie prince named Eric. That leads her to make a magical deal with the octopus witch, Ursula, to become human & be with him. 🔮 Ariel is 16- year of age & is dissatisfied with her underwater life, but is fascinated by the humies world. With her best friend Flounder, Ariel visits Scuttle, a seagull who gives Ariel inaccurate information about humans & collects human artifacts in her grotto. She ignores the warnings of her father King Triton, the ruler of Atlantica. He set a rule that contact between merpeople & humies is forbidden ❌

On one night Ariel, Flounder & Sebastian, a crab who serves as Triton’s adviser & court composer, travel to the ocean surface to watch a birthday celebration for Prince Eric. While watching, Ariel falls in love with Eric at first sight. Here’s the originalThe Little Mermaidmovie that i watched at fourth grade when teacher gave a movie day 📽🍿 Week after the Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure movie chosen by boys. The second we watched in two parts cause of length. After reading this, go & have a read of my Kenobi review 🛋

Thoughts about ‘The Little Mermaid’ (6023)

First before those have to say that shame on big suits at Mickey’s Corporation. Image at top is fan made art. It wasn’t included in this live act remake & those two characters got worse looks 😢 I went to good ol 2d screening at six pm with friend & her child. We got two tickets from raffle & bought one. It receives some praise from three of us, but more dislike cause of solid reasons that are at bottom of this section 👇 We’re not only ones who noticed some bad casting choices & people included are critics & ‘normie’ viewers 🕵 King Triton played by Javier Bardem feels like sedated character, which is surprising when know Javier’s acting past. This live act remake (or “live act” as 90% is cgi) is 50mins longer than the original, one that followed proper length for kids movie ⌛ Mickey Corporation’s decision to increase it so much was a bad call for many reasons ☹ It has several stray steps with one of them being the decision to make the once animated animals horridly photorealistic 🤦‍♂️

That way pushing the movie to an uncomfy uncanny valley where the dreepy eyes of Ariel’s aquatic friends attempt to drift the story along. The songs are almost fine on their own except ear wrecking Scuttlebutt 😬 This song is a torture to audience ears & all that is holy in the music history. It’s confusing to think of how big suits allowed that to go into finished product 🤯 Person who sounds like past age of fifty chain smoker is “rapping” it. Lyrics are also pretty dumb. Live-action element styms a song like “Under the Sea” – not only have the instruments been taken from the fish & other animals, a certain smiley touch is missing as well 🥴 Makes you think if this remake was made for kids or for women who were kids at that time when one with Jodie Benson came out 🤔

Feels like changes made from that to this year’s live act remake turned the plot into somewhat messy pile of clothes. It brings out bad writing like dissing out father’s parenting & other things 😒 Lets not forget that there’s also other stories to be told on mermaids, Africa even has it’s own folklore set around them. All were left out because as we know, on these days legitimacy is only seen in white characters. Race swapping another beloved character wasn’t needed & it doesn’t benefit anyone 🤷‍♂️ Oh yes even Karen Gillan would’ve been better choice as Ariel for this movie 👧
+Songs that got through sound good. Not a surprise because Halle has singer background.
+Melissa McCarthy is the best thing in this mostly bland ‘remake‘. Not good when best part of movie.
Les Poissons not on this so that’s a semi insult to late talented René Auberjonois. Chef’s nasty work could’ve got improvised look for live act movie to fit better. Big ‘shame on‘ to Mickey Corporation.
Scuttlebutt song. It can get terrorist to share info when forced to listen via headphones 😬
Some lyrics were changed for couple songs & same for events close to end of movie.
Mostly shallow acting by Halle &Javier. Jonah’s Eric character was made to be nothing, but a pretty face. Man wasn’t allowed to save the sea like back in the days 🤷‍♂️ Taking rescue at end away from him was dumb change because King Triton still thinks that every human has evil intentions 🤦‍♂️
Realistic” trend of cgi animals 🥴 Disney before today’s crap times made strange-looking animals like Sebastian & Flounder to look as they did in -89 movie. Good calls back then 👌
Movie managed to miss some key parts from original even is almost 1hr longer. No rewatch value.
Runtime is thirty five to forty mins too long for being a kids movie 👩‍👦
Late talented H.C. Andersen’s work not respected via content he wrote 🤖

With heavy’ish heart we give high school rating 6/10 so is far from being a gem. Definitely not one to be praised into stratosphere 👨🏽‍🏫 Sincerely recommend that this live act remake not shown to kids so they’re saved from mental scars & suffering 🤗 Write below if wanna share same or even different opinion or more about this wreck of a remake movie ✍ Good June to everyone, stay well & remember to replace plastic bags with fabric 🛍💚

Black Adam Movie Review cover image.

Underrated two hours fun set in DCU.

It didn’t fail me at all. Critics who are payed to bash WB should be ashamed.

Black Adam DCU movie is entertaining when not expecting to see Da Vinci Code level production & it’s 110% worthy of support. It’s even a bit generic as mostly haters / neutrals say, that doesn’t bother me with this DCU action movie. I’ll give second viewing for Black Adam later on weekend 🎥 PLOTBlack Adam who is the mythical hero of the occupied city of Kahndaq, is released into modern times. While Adrianna Tomaz who freed him & her family hoped he would then liberate his people as a sign of gratitude. Her dream didn’t happen as Black Adam is not the hero they think he is. He hides a secret that puts him in no good position with the Justice Society of America, those who want to stop his deadly rampage. After reading this, take a look at my Kenobi review PT1 ^^ PT2 can be found from top right & bottom. 🛋

Brief rundown through this solid big character addition into DCU.

Dwayne has put a lot of effort into making Black Adam to stand out of the big crowd, with a clear desire to make Black Adam his new signature character. He gives the character a legit dark side, for example to have him kill without hesitation. Even Black Adam doesn’t allow second thoughts for doing that, all of it is swept away cause of Dwayne nailing the humor, action & memorable relationship with the kid. This kid reminds Adam of his own lost child, that giving more touchy feels for viewer. Something about supporting characters: Brosnan is terrific as Dr. Fate. He’s kinda like mirror image of MCU’s Dr.Strange. Yes Dr. Fate was created before Dr. Strange ^^ Dr. Fate senses that Black Adam’s powers could be used for helping others. Brosnan’s presense on screen is always so strong that good viewer understands not to take munchies while he’s around. Hawkman is played by talented Aldis Hodge. Hawkman is presented as Dr. Fate’s protege. He’s a much harder-edged hero who takes too much pride in being essentially a peacekeeper for the mortal world. Then there’s also few other characters who have non humie strength. One of them is Cyclone, who’s appearance is sort of annoying cause of overusing slow motion. Though, then again it worked out well in another beautiful cinema art called 300 so it’s use is not so bad.

Dwayne Johnson was born for for this role

Verdictioz: As a whole Black Adam DCU movie is a giant scaled beautiful action flick, with Jaume Collet Serra doing a fantastico job on the action scenes. Those that DP Lawrence Sher beautifully photographed ^^ I have to say that Black Adam Comic Book Live Adaptation is better than many DCU & MCU productions. I’ve been a huge DC fan for twenty seven years so it’s great to see these less known characters get to shine on a live act production. Supporting characters in this movie are kinda bleh & drag it down. There was too much of the “Justice Society” & not enough of the evil corporation or the main antagonist. Black Adam movie has a great movie under the surface. Feels like WB still doesn’t know how to make supah-hero movies or antihero on this case. That on mind didn’t stop me from enjoying this because i didn’t think i was going to have this much fun watching it ^^ When i went to watch in local theater, people behaved as should & viewing experience was good. It’s a solid film that makes ‘The Rock‘ look like a legit antihero badass. It has good cgi, mostly spot on acting, good humor & fun supah-hero boomz flick. Happy for supporting it through few ways & also DCU that needs saving from it’s current state.

David Zaslav who is ceo & president of warner bros has made eight years plan with colleagues for comic adaptations into cinema & telly show format. Blue Beetle coming out before mid next year & Shazam before that. I’m not hyping for Shazam 2 because of villain casting, but really looking forward to Blue Beetle & happy to support it in Cinemas with two viewings ^^ I guess that Karate Kid‘s audience will support it as well because ‘Blue Beetle‘ movie character is played by talented cheery hearted Xolo Maridueña who is ‘Miguel Diaz’ in the series. Hopefully this eight year plan turns out ok & bummer to know that Aquaman 2 comes at end of next year cause of delays put in use at end of last summer. I hope that manyyy go to watch Black Adam on cinema before it vanishes 20.11 & comes into Hbo Max on early December. I’ll stream it there twice a month for first few months. Kindly: Forever Hbo Max Subscriber & fan of Mcu & Dcu. Pst: More DCU.

Solid 7.5/10 for Black Adam DCU movie

Black Panther 2 movie review

Wasted resources with ‘Little Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’

About Black Panther & Sequel early moments.

In first Black Panther movie, Erik Killmonger destroys Wakanda’s entire supply of the heart-shaped herb. It’s the bioluminescent flower responsible for endowing Wakanda’s hero-protector: the Black Panther, with regenerative vitality & supahumie strength 🦹 T’Challa chose to reveal Wakanda’s true power to whole Planet. When the sequel begins, King T’Challa is dead. Yes, the cause of it written as virus, not glorious death.. Nearly a year after his “sudden” passing, his friends & loved ones continue to mourn & live silent life. Sorry for misleading lil bit there as funeral had zero Avengers. I mean those who were close friends with T’Challa like Bucky & others 😤 Meanwhile, the outside world puts sights on Wakanda, planning to take share of its invaluable resources. Dangerous threat emerges in the form of the mythical underwater city of Talocan (Atlantis) & its leader. The wing-footed mutant NamorHhHh (baddie with ski jumper body), who’s worshipped by his people as a living Deity. After reading this, take a look at my Kenobi review PT1 & PT2 🛋

Chadwick told to family member before passed away that he wants T’Challa recasted.

^^ Sadly it didn’t happen. It should’ve been done with Characters like: Killmonger, Nakia or Aneka. Both ladies would’ve been better than Shuri who took it. Of course best new T’Challa would be Michael B Jordan who played Killmonger. Also Michaela Coel who plays Aneka. No, Mickey Rat Corporation’s big suits were wrong when said it’s too dangerous to recast him 😏 Yes write up for Killmonger to take the title could’ve been easily accomplished. What’s the main plot for this sequel that barely has it’s title character in it 🤔 This is borefest sequel where close to fifty kilos “black panther” beats much stronger mcu character born in planet tellus 🤦‍♂️ Lets not go into ‘draining strength plan’ 🤭 Back to plot: It’s about Vibranium & secondly to take out all evil colonizers known as humans. There’s a lot of em for him as Talocan (nah he’s Atlantean) buddy known as ‘NamorHhHh‘ declared war to whole humie race 🙄 Namor’s origin changed to Mexican or Aztec was a silly move by Ryan Coogler, who wanted to add more unnecessary cultural diversity.

The acting is ‘mostly’ good on this mcu movie. Angela Bassett deserves an award for performance. That so even the writing is shameful for her part when comes to replacing leadership as it didn’t happen like in first movie 🤨 This is second longest mcu movie now by end of year 6022 (2022 by oldest storybook on Planet Tellus) as it stands at sniff range behind Avengers: Boregame. 🤏 Soundtrack is okey as in not lifting you into stratosphere via ears massage, but is fine for this type of comic adaptation movie. 🎶 Visuals are almost top notchy buenos through two hours & forty one minutes. There are clear moments when the overuse & lil rushed cgi can be seen as it ‘sticks‘ to your eye like a pink bunny on a autumn colored tree. 🙆 Story itself on this twenty minutes too long movie is average, with a lot of dumb “twists“. They happen because story says so, not for em to make sense. Some scenes are too dark, could’ve cut many of em & plot stay same.

Towards final thoughts & goofies that gave a chuckle here & there.

Not the worst MCU movie ive seen so far, but not close to top three. Currently this falls into same box with Thor movie (i have clear favorites in mcu) that came out earlier this year. Not being worst doesn’t say much when it’s on same line with hilariously bad Thor: Mockery & Bang 🤔 The scenes that reference T’Challa are handled with such poignant grace that put you into memory lane. Those are one of the few goodies on this movie as they give Boseman a royal sendoff from franchise 👑 Wasn’t weepy time for me, but i did feel the meaning even it’s been a while since Chadwick passed away 🤔 Not good how casually Angela Bassett, the sequel’s heart & soul, is so casually dismissed. She should’ve stayed even is above sixty years of age. She’s a stunner & even her body would look as BP than Letitia’s. M’Baku said right things, but again was pushed aside. He deserved more screen time. 😢

Conclusion: The trailer really had me excited, but after almost 3hours i left the theater underwhelmed. I know many black poc & at mexicans who dislike this movie. So semi forced representation doesn’t work & that’s good. I might add & change this after rewatched (skipping on it for sure) on Mickey+ once lands there. No second cinema viewing for BP2, but second & maybe third viewing for Black Adam later on this week 🎥 It has better cgi, mostly better acting, good humor sprinkled in right places & fun supah-hero action movie 🙂 Happy to support it & DCU that needs our help to save it from current situation it’s in. Remember to stream Black Adam on Hbo Max once it drops there on early december. Zaslav & other suits in WB have made eight years plan for comic adaptations into cinema & tv show format. Hopefully it turns out ok 🤞 James Gunn & that other fella have big tasks to do. I think they’re gonna do well & first sign for it is Peacemaker’s S02 arriving next year. Also hope good success for DCU’s Blue Beetle when it comes out before mid next year. May it get revenue at least double of production cost 🤞 Kindly: Mcu & Dcu Fan & forever Hbo Max subber.

  • Even with all Mickey Rat’s money & this being a sequel to one of their biggest bling bling movies, they still show Marvel’s CGI problem 🧐
  • NamorHhHh is one of the strongest Tellus born (kinda in general) characters. So cause of his powah level he’d have little trouble with slicing vibranium objects. The issue is that Namor has varying levels of power in BP2 that downplay him. Only reason why he lost at all was because he’s the villain & he had to lose, but if he wasn’t, then what 🤔
  • Namor has been one of my favorites through thirty years of being comics fan. It’s tragic that this portrayal will be the way how entire generation will know him. Unbelievable how MCU has fallen from it’s greatness.. 😕
  • Corn Rows on Cottonheart’s armored helmet 😆 Even Power Rangers have better looking combat suits. She won’t get to keep it. Creates new one for her telly series that airs on next year at Mickey+. May it not be this one with hoofs. I have forever sub there & i look forward to Willow series that airs pilot episode in two weeks. I hope he won’t be humiliated in his own show.
  • Talocan warrior screams like a little frightened girl when he’s thrown back to water from short distance 🥴 Very strange behavior for a person who lives in underwater city & doesn’t use vehicle as transport when traveling there.
  • BP2’s cast officially killed the meaning of the word “representation” by repeating it on interviews 😂

Solid 6.5/10 & that’s generous 👌

Memory Loss

It fades away silently with no added time given.

What’s fading away silently is the content stored inside the databank. The one that’s at top of the carbon based body.

I know that there are those body owners as in people who don’t get cranked up when mention their databank store problem and with that i mean memory files not staying intact. If only this be the case with my dear mum, then working with her to help slow the decline could be easier 🤞🏼 Three years ago i moved from third biggest city on my current country to live about eighty percent closer to her. Now i live close to downtown after being target of rental home scam. Here’s the story about it This month of being scammed was light nightmare. Close to that day we decided to get her relocated into same city in next six months. That didn’t work out within the time frame that we had planned 🙁 It took close to year and half longer and then ended up into wrong location in this city where both live now at late october 6022 🙁 Means that is is far from services that she still could and wants to use alone. When doesn’t require assist with things like carrying heavy bags or to look after the steps outside if really bad weather at winter.

How things rolled once relocation was done & dust settled down.

She moved there at late last year as mentioned above. We talked about me finding new home for her on next summer (current year), preferably one that’s in downtown. It to have basic services nearby in distance of five hundred meters or so. Things like: Not too big nearby grocery store, pharmacy and mail delivery pick up point. Good example of mail deliveries to be picked up from is r-kiosk on this country. She has used their services for decades and prefers that kiosk to be near her home. It’s good habit for sure, r-kiosk is one option to get & bring mail letters & boxes. At same visit can buy breath freshener candy or baked rolls if owner has set it up ^^ Now year after she’s ready to move into new home, but this is where things get complicated when think of bond between mum and son. 👩‍👦 She keeps saying that wants to get back to living near the familar paths and preferably area where she can walk into a park bench and feed ducks & birds. Yes, she’s almost obsessed with feeding them & it’s not a bad thing at all.

So early this month as in october 6022 (yes, year after she moved to one with bad location) i found good new residential area for her to live in on this same city. So not from close to her ‘familiar paths‘ where she lived for six years. Two seven floor residential buildings have three empty apartments which all would be good for her. All of em have been renovated through past few years. Public beach is half a km away & distance to all those three mentioned daily services is even less than half a km, which is good in her current age & condition 🚶🏼‍♀️ Sadly the thing is that she didn’t give any thought to these when i mentioned early this month. As her selective databank integrity a.k.a memory that’s slipping away is making this situation worse because of need to repeat things.

I’ve dedicated at least one day a week to seeing her since feb / march this year. Yesterday 19.10 i began to write this & situation was as described up to this row, but not today since three pm. She sent me message where told that now ready to relocate within the same city & not going back to town that’s thirty five km to north. She said that now realised it to be only logical to live as originally talked before we moved her to wrong area. That’s a relief & now by early december hoping to find her right apartment from the good area that’s mentioned above ^^ Maybe soon i can also focus to some personal plans that have on set up & can’t wait to get first shipment of lions mane that helps against her databank’s integrity going worse. 🌿 I wish warm enjoyable rest of october to everyone & stay safe out there 🤞🏼 🍵🌮🍅🍝 Pst: As always, remember to recycle, use fabric bags & reduce the use of single plastics 🌍🌎🌏

Southeast Asia is drowning. Still no assist to prevent big damage.

Floods sweeping across the Bangladesh lands.

What natural disasters are to pop up with this season of change.. Are there gonna be more floods in many continents, maybe typhoons & such in locations where they usually have appeared & also new ones. Floods wrecking the poor country located in southeast asia: Mind blowing to know that more than Five million people in Bangladesh’s northeast are in need of assistance. Lost homes, crops & more in the back to back floods around May to June. Dr. ‘Roxy Mathew’ Koll from Indian Institute of Tropical Meterology said earlier this year that “This increase in short spells of heavy rains causing floods is a clear signal of climate change.” Climate change alone isn’t to blame for worsening floods. In Assam, reporter Aatreyee Dhar spoke to researchers and activists who pointed to the hundreds of embankments that have collapsed. Some residents maintain that politicians pocket bribes from contractors who carry out shoddy work, ensuring these structures are never repaired or maintained properly. 😢

Bangladesh that's one of the poorest Countries on Tellus is suffering from Heavy Flooding now on year 6022. Sadly Human species follows oldest storybook's calendar, there this year is written to be 2022. Monsoon rains precited to return on September.
Bangladesh is one of the poorest countries on Tellus. It’s suffering from one of the worst flooding now on 6022.

It’s good to know that even sturdy embankments can make flooding worse if they are not properly managed and narrow the river’s channel, reducing its ability to move floodwaters along. “You report that the government-rich people send aid after seeing your own news, but that help does not reach us anymore” ‘an angry resident shouted as the boat drove past.’ Aid packages not reaching people is known to happen in many disaster locations around the globe. With rivers still rising in some parts of Bangladesh & India, the situation continues to worsen for countless communities across both countries. As officials & aid groups try to meet the growing needs, more displacements are occurring amid warnings of the spread of cholera, dysentery & other waterborne illnesses. Not long after or sort of after these, another poor country close to same region has suffered a lot. Here’s a good organisation that has provided help through many years o/ Helping Bangladesh I’ll give my donation on this weekend & second at end of the month. 🤝 No such things when Season of Change was previously greeted. 🐝🌱🐇

Pakistan floods wash away villages & crops, causing thousand plus deaths. Around thirty percent of Pakistan is flooded.

Nearly a half million people crowded into camps after losing their homes in widespread flooding. The climate minister warned that Pakistan is on the “front line” of the world’s climate crisis after unprecedented monsoon rains wrecked the country since mid June this year. During this time close to one & half thousand people have died in flooding. new monsoons are expected for September. Monsoons have hit earlier & more heavily than usual since the start of summer. Pakistan is accustomed to monsoon rains & flooding, but not as one that have come out this year. “What have been witnessed by millions recently in the last eight weeks is unrelenting pours of torrential rain that no monsoon has ever brought with it ever before. The heavy rains are the latest in a series of catastrophes that are exacerbated by climate change. That including heatwaves, forest fires & glacial lake outbursts. The damage reflects how poorer countries often pay the price for climate change caused by big time industrialized nations.

Picture of Flooded Pakistan on current year of 6022. 2022 by Oldest Storybook's calendar. Sadly Human Species still follows that calendar. Monsoon rains precited to return on September.
30 percent of Pakistan is flooded now on Aug 31st 6022. 2022 by oldest storybook’s calendar.

Since -59, Pakistan is responsible for only 0.4% of the world’s historic CO2 emissions. The U.S. is at 21.5%, China’s 16.5% & the EU’s 15%. It’s believed that more than 1 million homes have been destroyed during this time. Around 498,000 people in the country of 220 million are in relief camps after being displaced. Many more people who had to do it are believed to be with relatives, friends or outside. The floods destroyed more than 150 bridges & numerous roads have been washed away, making rescue operations difficult. The rains so far have been the heaviest Pakistan has seen in three decades. Tens of thousands people who had to be displaced cause of this disaster have lost not just homes, but also crops & businesses. At least 6,500 soldiers were deployed to help & authorities said they were using military planes, helicopters, trucks & boats to evacuate people & deliver aid to them. However, many displaced complained they were still waiting for help. Some said they got tents but not food.

The flood wreckage has hit Pakistan at a time when the country faces one of its worst economic crises. Early this week the big suits at International Monetary Fund approved the release of a much-awaited $1.17b for Pakistan. Country’s Information Minister ‘Maryam Aurangez’ told the AP. The announcement was a big relief for the country. Hopefully all that amount is distributed into right accounts & used well. ‘Fears of waterborne diseases as floods recede‘ Many doctors said that they’re now treating people suffering from diarrhea, skin infections & other waterborne ailments in the country’s flood-hit areas. WHO is working with health authorities to respond quickly & effectively on the ground.

Medical staff’s key priorities now are to ensure rapid access to essential health services to the flood-affected population. Also to strengthen disease surveillance, outbreak prevention, control & robust health cluster coordination. Pakistan’s PM ‘Shahbaz Sharif’ promised the rehabilitation of every person displaced by the flood. U.N. Secretary-General ‘Antonio Guterres’ urged the Earthlings (and possible Aliens) living on Planet Tellus by saying: “Let’s stop sleepwalking toward the destruction of our planet by climate change that is real.” Same charity organisation mentioned above at end of second paragraph: Helping Pakistan. I’ll do the same assist here as mentioned above ^^ 🤝

When Humans stand United, Prosperity & Happiness brings Serenity. “Part of being a person is about helping others.” – Regis Murayi.

Here in Northern Hemisphere’s country where i live at the moment, the outdoor temperatures seem to drop fast like a heavy object falling down to planet’s surface. Daytime & Evening temperatures seem to end up being ten or close lower than just days ago on this last week of august 6022. Here’s a image that includes today’s 31.8.6022 21:00, Thorsday, Friday & Saturday. Yesterday evening at 19:30 when i went for a walk, outdoor temperature was +11c. It sure was an ‘experience‘ when i had t shirt, leisure pants, summer shoes without socks as i never wear socks during summer. Warm Peppermint Tea cuppa & toast with veg pesto & rainbow brand’s veg cheese was welcome for the belly once back at home 🍵🍞🥗🧀😊 This huge drop down to +11c so fast isn’t part of extreme weather conditions, but i mentioned it because it’s a big change in short-time period. Let me know if your current area of residence have had extreme weather changes in recent times when comparing to past decade or two. 🤔 I wish enjoyable season change to everyone 🍂🍀🍵🌮🌶🍛🍐

Odin is on a mood to give us brisky outdoor times faster than expected.