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Underrated two hours fun set in DCU.

It didn’t fail me at all. Critics who are payed to bash WB should be ashamed.

Black Adam DCU movie is entertaining when not expecting to see Da Vinci Code level production & it’s 110% worthy of support. It’s even a bit generic as mostly haters / neutrals say, that doesn’t bother me with this DCU action movie. I’ll give second viewing for Black Adam later on weekend 🎥 PLOTBlack Adam who is the mythical hero of the occupied city of Kahndaq, is released into modern times. While Adrianna Tomaz who freed him & her family hoped he would then liberate his people as a sign of gratitude. Her dream didn’t happen as Black Adam is not the hero they think he is. He hides a secret that puts him in no good position with the Justice Society of America, those who want to stop his deadly rampage. After reading this, take a look at my Kenobi review PT1 ^^ PT2 can be found from top right & bottom. 🛋

Brief rundown through this solid big character addition into DCU.

Dwayne has put a lot of effort into making Black Adam to stand out of the big crowd, with a clear desire to make Black Adam his new signature character. He gives the character a legit dark side, for example to have him kill without hesitation. Even Black Adam doesn’t allow second thoughts for doing that, all of it is swept away cause of Dwayne nailing the humor, action & memorable relationship with the kid. This kid reminds Adam of his own lost child, that giving more touchy feels for viewer. Something about supporting characters: Brosnan is terrific as Dr. Fate. He’s kinda like mirror image of MCU’s Dr.Strange. Yes Dr. Fate was created before Dr. Strange ^^ Dr. Fate senses that Black Adam’s powers could be used for helping others. Brosnan’s presense on screen is always so strong that good viewer understands not to take munchies while he’s around. Hawkman is played by talented Aldis Hodge. Hawkman is presented as Dr. Fate’s protege. He’s a much harder-edged hero who takes too much pride in being essentially a peacekeeper for the mortal world. Then there’s also few other characters who have non humie strength. One of them is Cyclone, who’s appearance is sort of annoying cause of overusing slow motion. Though, then again it worked out well in another beautiful cinema art called 300 so it’s use is not so bad.

Dwayne Johnson was born for for this role

Verdictioz: As a whole Black Adam DCU movie is a giant scaled beautiful action flick, with Jaume Collet Serra doing a fantastico job on the action scenes. Those that DP Lawrence Sher beautifully photographed ^^ I have to say that Black Adam Comic Book Live Adaptation is better than many DCU & MCU productions. I’ve been a huge DC fan for twenty seven years so it’s great to see these less known characters get to shine on a live act production. Supporting characters in this movie are kinda bleh & drag it down. There was too much of the “Justice Society” & not enough of the evil corporation or the main antagonist. Black Adam movie has a great movie under the surface. Feels like WB still doesn’t know how to make supah-hero movies or antihero on this case. That on mind didn’t stop me from enjoying this because i didn’t think i was going to have this much fun watching it ^^ When i went to watch in local theater, people behaved as should & viewing experience was good. It’s a solid film that makes ‘The Rock‘ look like a legit antihero badass. It has good cgi, mostly spot on acting, good humor & fun supah-hero boomz flick. Happy for supporting it through few ways & also DCU that needs saving from it’s current state.

David Zaslav who is ceo & president of warner bros has made eight years plan with colleagues for comic adaptations into cinema & telly show format. Blue Beetle coming out before mid next year & Shazam before that. I’m not hyping for Shazam 2 because of villain casting, but really looking forward to Blue Beetle & happy to support it in Cinemas with two viewings ^^ I guess that Karate Kid‘s audience will support it as well because ‘Blue Beetle‘ movie character is played by talented cheery hearted Xolo Maridueña who is ‘Miguel Diaz’ in the series. Hopefully this eight year plan turns out ok & bummer to know that Aquaman 2 comes at end of next year cause of delays put in use at end of last summer. I hope that manyyy go to watch Black Adam on cinema before it vanishes 20.11 & comes into Hbo Max on early December. I’ll stream it there twice a month for first few months. Kindly: Forever Hbo Max Subscriber & fan of Mcu & Dcu. Pst: More DCU.

Solid 7.5/10 for Black Adam DCU movie

Black Panther 2 movie review

Wasted resources with ‘Little Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’

About Black Panther & Sequel early moments.

In first Black Panther movie, Erik Killmonger destroys Wakanda’s entire supply of the heart-shaped herb. It’s the bioluminescent flower responsible for endowing Wakanda’s hero-protector: the Black Panther, with regenerative vitality & supahumie strength 🦹 T’Challa chose to reveal Wakanda’s true power to whole Planet. When the sequel begins, King T’Challa is dead. Yes, the cause of it written as virus, not glorious death.. Nearly a year after his “sudden” passing, his friends & loved ones continue to mourn & live silent life. Sorry for misleading lil bit there as funeral had zero Avengers. I mean those who were close friends with T’Challa like Bucky & others 😤 Meanwhile, the outside world puts sights on Wakanda, planning to take share of its invaluable resources. Dangerous threat emerges in the form of the mythical underwater city of Talocan (Atlantis) & its leader. The wing-footed mutant NamorHhHh (baddie with ski jumper body), who’s worshipped by his people as a living Deity. After reading this, take a look at my Kenobi review PT1 & PT2 🛋

Chadwick told to family member before passed away that he wants T’Challa recasted.

^^ Sadly it didn’t happen. It should’ve been done with Characters like: Killmonger, Nakia or Aneka. Both ladies would’ve been better than Shuri who took it. Of course best new T’Challa would be Michael B Jordan who played Killmonger. Also Michaela Coel who plays Aneka. No, Mickey Rat Corporation’s big suits were wrong when said it’s too dangerous to recast him 😏 Yes write up for Killmonger to take the title could’ve been easily accomplished. What’s the main plot for this sequel that barely has it’s title character in it 🤔 This is borefest sequel where close to fifty kilos “black panther” beats much stronger mcu character born in planet tellus 🤦‍♂️ Lets not go into ‘draining strength plan’ 🤭 Back to plot: It’s about Vibranium & secondly to take out all evil colonizers known as humans. There’s a lot of em for him as Talocan (nah he’s Atlantean) buddy known as ‘NamorHhHh‘ declared war to whole humie race 🙄 Namor’s origin changed to Mexican or Aztec was a silly move by Ryan Coogler, who wanted to add more unnecessary cultural diversity.

The acting is ‘mostly’ good on this mcu movie. Angela Bassett deserves an award for performance. That so even the writing is shameful for her part when comes to replacing leadership as it didn’t happen like in first movie 🤨 This is second longest mcu movie now by end of year 6022 (2022 by oldest storybook on Planet Tellus) as it stands at sniff range behind Avengers: Boregame. 🤏 Soundtrack is okey as in not lifting you into stratosphere via ears massage, but is fine for this type of comic adaptation movie. 🎶 Visuals are almost top notchy buenos through two hours & forty one minutes. There are clear moments when the overuse & lil rushed cgi can be seen as it ‘sticks‘ to your eye like a pink bunny on a autumn colored tree. 🙆 Story itself on this twenty minutes too long movie is average, with a lot of dumb “twists“. They happen because story says so, not for em to make sense. Some scenes are too dark, could’ve cut many of em & plot stay same.

Towards final thoughts & goofies that gave a chuckle here & there.

Not the worst MCU movie ive seen so far, but not close to top three. Currently this falls into same box with Thor movie (i have clear favorites in mcu) that came out earlier this year. Not being worst doesn’t say much when it’s on same line with hilariously bad Thor: Mockery & Bang 🤔 The scenes that reference T’Challa are handled with such poignant grace that put you into memory lane. Those are one of the few goodies on this movie as they give Boseman a royal sendoff from franchise 👑 Wasn’t weepy time for me, but i did feel the meaning even it’s been a while since Chadwick passed away 🤔 Not good how casually Angela Bassett, the sequel’s heart & soul, is so casually dismissed. She should’ve stayed even is above sixty years of age. She’s a stunner & even her body would look as BP than Letitia’s. M’Baku said right things, but again was pushed aside. He deserved more screen time. 😢

Conclusion: The trailer really had me excited, but after almost 3hours i left the theater underwhelmed. I know many black poc & at mexicans who dislike this movie. So semi forced representation doesn’t work & that’s good. I might add & change this after rewatched (skipping on it for sure) on Mickey+ once lands there. No second cinema viewing for BP2, but second & maybe third viewing for Black Adam later on this week 🎥 It has better cgi, mostly better acting, good humor sprinkled in right places & fun supah-hero action movie 🙂 Happy to support it & DCU that needs our help to save it from current situation it’s in. Remember to stream Black Adam on Hbo Max once it drops there on early december. Zaslav & other suits in WB have made eight years plan for comic adaptations into cinema & tv show format. Hopefully it turns out ok 🤞 James Gunn & that other fella have big tasks to do. I think they’re gonna do well & first sign for it is Peacemaker’s S02 arriving next year. Also hope good success for DCU’s Blue Beetle when it comes out before mid next year. May it get revenue at least double of production cost 🤞 Kindly: Mcu & Dcu Fan & forever Hbo Max subber.

  • Even with all Mickey Rat’s money & this being a sequel to one of their biggest bling bling movies, they still show Marvel’s CGI problem 🧐
  • NamorHhHh is one of the strongest Tellus born (kinda in general) characters. So cause of his powah level he’d have little trouble with slicing vibranium objects. The issue is that Namor has varying levels of power in BP2 that downplay him. Only reason why he lost at all was because he’s the villain & he had to lose, but if he wasn’t, then what 🤔
  • Namor has been one of my favorites through thirty years of being comics fan. It’s tragic that this portrayal will be the way how entire generation will know him. Unbelievable how MCU has fallen from it’s greatness.. 😕
  • Corn Rows on Cottonheart’s armored helmet 😆 Even Power Rangers have better looking combat suits. She won’t get to keep it. Creates new one for her telly series that airs on next year at Mickey+. May it not be this one with hoofs. I have forever sub there & i look forward to Willow series that airs pilot episode in two weeks. I hope he won’t be humiliated in his own show.
  • Talocan warrior screams like a little frightened girl when he’s thrown back to water from short distance 🥴 Very strange behavior for a person who lives in underwater city & doesn’t use vehicle as transport when traveling there.
  • BP2’s cast officially killed the meaning of the word “representation” by repeating it on interviews 😂

Solid 6.5/10 & that’s generous 👌

Foodie Plans, Aug with many Telly season returns.

Lil about my Cruelty Free-Eating path in recent-times & new plans.

My fav. drink with good fruit is Pear Juice that doesn’t have added crap white sugar. That’s my go to drink at other times than after food & waking up. Cleaned water when wake up & later on the day with warm meal. Long time passion to eating fruits with their natural sugar ❤ I prefer fruits few times a week 110% more than ready made fruity meals that have added sugar or others. Found tasty buckwheat cereals early this year & since april have baked low sodium glut free bread with buckwheat & rice flour 👌 Happy that after couple fails they’ve turned out good. Some fine nutritious ingredients in meat substitute foodies are pea prot, shroomies or just shroomie prot, tasty seaweed for patties & more. If you decide to include seaweed to your diet then recom. to skip hijiki seaweed cause it has big amount of arsenic. Usually seaweed is without it so no need to worry about that. These are healthy & nutritious food from planet itself. There’s many more goodies on vegan foodie path that doesn’t include only Soy. There’s many almost mind numbing tasty, healthy & nutritious carcass meat substitutes on these days ❤ Patties, sausages etc. 🙂

I didn’t turn into semi cruelty free-eating path by any one’s recommendation. Atm. i follow pescatarian foodie path so that’s why semi word there. I’ll go to full cruelty free-eating by end of this year & have eaten tasty fishy substitute product that also has good nutrit. values ❤ Ditching carcass eating naturally is good for those sentient beings without voice & the planet. It’s also a good nutritional path for humans to stop adding dead flesh into their shell that they maintain from birth up to day when it turns into content suitable for composts. This recommended by those with truly compassionate mind & also put up the pieces together by myself. With adding together mean the fact that human species don’t need to consume rotting flesh of other sentient beings to survive & it’s mind boggling how millions of people don’t see it 😦

Big corps. on murder industry been doing ‘fight back‘ operation for year or two now. It’s done by increasing dairy farm commercials that are built in a way that they brainwash children to think how it’s all sunshine & no sentient beings are hurt :/ They’re tricked to think that those carcass pieces appear to their plate from farms with no bloodshed. Some good Finnish Plant Based products: Meaat, GaryRenegade, Voner Owners of Meaat Plant Based foodies announced that they’ll reduce sodium content from their products by end of this year so that’s great. Flavor remains just as good cause of herbs etc. I kinda don’t like their name cause it reminds of butchering, but kinda not. Gary Renegade produces so far my fav. Veg Sausage called ‘Pornaisten Palkki‘ that’s main ingr. is Broad Bean. Vöner has Seitan which isn’t glut. free cause it’s made out of wheat so i eat it only on s.moments.

Veg Casserole with Veg minced Meat that has Pea Protein. I also added: Herbs, Broccoli, R.B.Pepper, lil bit of Black Beans & covered with Veg Kremel Cheese ❤

Telly entertainment shines from Aug to early next Year

Many telly series return for new season on this month & also one or two long waited movies coming to cinema & streaming platform. If not mistaken atm. the Suicide Squad helmed by James Gunn is released on both Hbo Max & in cinemas. Hopefully it has good revenue & at least doubles the prod. costs so Dcu Cinema productions is even more ensured. So on that front is gonna be busiest & most exciting month so far on this year. Kinda shame that so many make their return during same month cause then it also means that all or some drop out about same time until their possible return on next year. Foundation series Pilot ep. arrives at end of Sept. I haven’t looked into it, but hope season one to include at least ten eps. & that it gets good support at Apple+ platform.

So this is good as then quaranteed for many to have entertainment up to end of the year if not longer. Before year the Book of Boba Fett‘s pilot ep. arrives. Not to forget Q1 next year as then ST:SNW comes to fill our minds with no doubt beauty pilot ep. Many series i support by watching through Streaming App. on Telly. Always with relaxed pace & currently subbed to Hbo Nordic (merges later to Hbo Max), A.P.V. via & Mickey+ owned by Mickey’s corp. Always when i shop at Amazon Store in Uk or Germany (.de) then i use smile. at front of addr. & then small amount of € goes to charity org. that i’ve chosen. Brief look into what telly offers through last five months of this year 🤳🎉 I wish good prosperous August to everyone. Remember to recycle, Reduce single plastic use & then use Fabric Bags for Groceries & in General ❤ Ask stores to replaces plastic containers, fruits & vegs that are packed with plastic to be packed bio friendly instead. Few easy steaps to help nature & sentient beings.

Hope for SW. Ivan Ortega Delivered. 110% Re-Edit now in Bitchute website.

For all SW Educated Fans o/ With Well educated mean those who know the Lore & True Ways of the Jedi. This is Teaser Trailer so look for Normal Trailer & Full Movie Re-Edit to arrive before end of this Year. Remember to dive into Ivan’s Videos list as there’s some others that are about Re-Editing Horrible SW Ep. 8. I Shed a tear while watching this & don’t care to say it even have some grey beard rising up through red’ish beard. DIDN’T have this feeling or any Good Feelings at one & only SW Episode 8 Cinema Screening.

I wasn’t the only one there who said “what..” out loud on scene where Luke Tossed the LS over his shoulder & also when he vanished into thin air.. Including the Cybernetic hand 😛 When people walked out from the building there was lots of Negative Talk & clear frustration in the air. I don’t blame them at all.. Ruin Johnson & Kathleen Kennedy Ruined 30+ Years Franchise with few shameful moves on Mickey’s SW “Sequel Trilogy” :/

Returning OT Characters Could’ve Shared the Spotlight 50/50 with Jar Jar Finn & the rest of New Characters. If writing done like in Cobra Kai Youtube Series ❤ C.Kai is Karate Kid continuation, but from Eyes of Cobra Kai. Everyone who has seen New Cobra Kai knows this. Sadly New Chars have had more Screen Time. Even Purple Haired bad Commander who lacked Military Tactics & was at High Ranking Position.. Many can’t understand new Characters cause they lack depth & story.

Pushing Returning Chars down to ditch is what Disney & K.Kennedy aimed for :/ *2x smackies to chest & Raises Fist to salute Mark Hamill*. Horrible thing done to Luke.. Only to push out very loved Character with Ridiculous writing :/ R.Johnson said years ago that he dislikes writing & likes to copy from the best. It was seen on TLJ. Luke Would’ve thought of taking down someone while on zzz ONLY IF gone to Dark Side. Talented Mark Hamill knows the ways of a Jedi & no doubt he’s familiar with many SW Novels 🙂 Share this Beauty Teaser Trailer around Wicked Wide Web & Tweet to @MarkHamillHimself

We need 200k + Views & at least same amount of likes as Subs that is “23k” 🙂 Remember to Mention at Tweet to Mark Hamill that now you have the Right LS Crystal on Hilt & Hilt is also the right one ❤ Use max 2 Tags on Tweet to make it into Trending list. Can download this video with Firefox browser & with addon installed just in case Mickey’s Suits send Goon Squad to order Youtube to take this Down. #ColinTrevorrowWantedToSaveLuke #KathleenFiredHim #MarkLovedColinsIdeas #StarWars #RespectMarkHamill #HopeLives Update: Soon before end of this month, July 6021 (2021 for too many) i’ll create blog about the full Re-Edit. It was completed couple years ago & uploaded to Bitchute website. Site that doesn’t have CR crap like YT has. Spark of Hope for Star Wars. Check Ivan’s Videos for more about this. Like, Sub & Share.